5 Reasons to hire Chris

Dear Meeting Planner :
I am committed to delivering a High Content Message with Passion, Energy & Enthusiasm to make a major difference in Your Audience Members.

Here are 5 reasons meeting planners, companies and associations LOVE booking me :


Experienced Award Winning speaker

I have delivered hundreds of speeches, group training’s and presentations at corporations, events and organizations.

Real & Authentic

I’m not afraid of sharing my own life stories, good, bad and ugly I really know how to connect with your audience.

Easy to work with

I have a laid back demeanor and will do everything to make you look good and make the event stress free for you.

Your Audience will be inspired

Not only will your audience be inspired but they will walk away with real applicable tips to achieve superior results.

A Powerful Coach

I have owned companies and worked for large organizations, that has allowed me to use coaching techniques that bring out the best in others and I can do the same for your organization.


I look forward to make a difference in people’s lives at your event, conference or company

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